3 comments on “An Active Week for GOES-14 SRSOR!

    • Thank you for the credit and for sharing with others! The animation from 2/9 is 2-min lightning density, but it looks like the first few time steps stuttered a bit, possibly giving the 5-min look. I apologize about that as I hadn’t noticed until I looked closer.

      • Thanks for the clarification, I’ve edited my comment there and on the other subreddits to which I posted that.

        I’m trying to build up hype about GOES-R with the help of SRSOR data as well as Himawari-8 data (with some success!)

        I always try to credit the sources when possible. Many of the animations I share come from the CIMSS Satellite Blog, which unfortunately doesn’t tell me the name of who is making the post (I think its usually Scott Bachmeier, but there’s another guy who posts too). So I end up just giving the link to the blog.

        Anyway, thanks a lot for posting these animations and analyses, it’s endlessly fascinating to me. Kicked myself for years for studying geology instead of met.


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