2 comments on “Gulf of Mexico 07-08 April 2019 MCS

  1. Thank you, Bill, for the post and the fascinating animations of this MCS. I may add a comment to the visualisation you used.

    After many years of experience in configuration and use of our met visualisation system (NinJo) we eventually try to avoid overlaying more than one gridded fields (typically NWP, radar or satellite images) with color shadings (ambiguousness, readability).

    Instead of using the color table for brightness temperature (BT) for the IR imagery together with GLM data rather reduce the BT to traditional black-grey-white shadings. Thereby you keep at least part of the information of the BT at the periphery of the MCS while enhancing the overall readability of the animation, where the focus is rather on the lightning activity. The strength of coloured BT in enhancing the cell cores with their overshooting updrafts is anyway lost “below” the GLM shadings when using color shadings for both images. Keep it as simple as possible to ease and accelerate interpretation!

    • Hi Marco… Thank you for the feedback, we certainly appreciate it. I agree, having the two “Colored” fields does make interpretation unnecessarily difficult, and changing one (the IR BT in this case) to grey scale would make it easier.

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