2 comments on “Volcan de Fuego (Guatemala) Eruption on 02/01/18

  1. The Ash and Dust RGBs look very different, but I thought they were almost exactly the same formula to calculate?

    • Eric, this is a great point and upon some quick research, it looks like the temperature ranges are the main difference. For example:
      Red = IR12.0-IR10.8 (-4°C to+2°C)
      Green = IR10.8-IR8.7 (0°C to 15°C)
      Blue = IR10.8 (12°C to 16°C)
      Red = IR12.0-IR10.8 (-4°C to +°2C)
      Green = IR10.8-IR8.7 (-4°C to +°5C)
      Blue = IR10.8 (-30°C to 30°C)
      Source: http://eumetrain.org/data/1/144/navmenu.php?page=3.3.0

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