2 comments on “Overshooting Tops with Evening 4/24/14 Mississippi Storm

  1. Can this product be adjusted for daily changes in Tropospheric Temperatures… how does it react to lower topped Super Cells over higher latitudes.. and what is the threshold for it to colorize(detect) an overshooting top…

    • – This OTD algorithm uses GFS tropopause temperature to ensure the pixels are above/overshooting the trop, so yes it does account for changes in trop temp.
      – Algorithm works fine in such situations as long as feature meets IR brightness temperature thresholds.
      – Cold pixels must be surrounded by relatively warm (>6 K) anvil; OT BT minima must be <217.5 K; surrounding anvil must have mean BT < 225 K.
      – Of course, with the higher spatial resolution of GOES-R ABI, OT's will be much easier to detect using similar methods.
      – See Bedka et al, 2010 for more details on this algorithm.

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