4 comments on “Aviation Forecasting… It’s All in the Heights!

  1. Can you describe what forecast products this would be an input for and where does it work best (over land or water)

    • On the convective side, it would be used to identify tops for Convective SIGMETs. However, it can also be used to identify tops for layers of turbulence and icing in G-AIRMETS and/or SIGMETS for these same threats.

      Also, I don’t know that there is a difference in actual performance over land vs. water, but it definitely provides the most benefit to the forecasters out over the oceans.

  2. Amanda, great write up. Are these products available for ingest into AWIPS for WFOs? Thanks!

    • Hi Adam. Thanks for your comment.

      Yes and no… this blog post features cloud tops/altitude in feet, which are not yet in AWIPS, though easily could be if you are interested. Else, the cloud tops in meters ARE available for AWIPS via the CIMSS LDM. Also, the color bars used for the post are only available for the AWC at the moment but I’m happy to share.

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