2 comments on “Sandy ready to visit the Mid-Atlantic tonight

  1. “At last report, Atlantic City is completely underwater by a few feet and chunks of boardwalk are destroyed up and down the NJ coastline.” By now, I’m hopeful that you know that report was incorrect. Atlantic City was only flooded in the low lying back bay areas and in the inlet. The city proper was not flooded. The chunks of boardwalk, in Atlantic City at least, were from an inlet section that had been closed and already crumbling for decades. The rest of the AC boardwalk was fine. thx.

    • D Milano, the “chunks of boardwalk” was a general description of the Jersey Shore, especially north of Atlantic City. Being that this was about 6 years ago, I haven’t thought to correct the statement and I apologize for the incorrect report. I do remember Atlantic City having flooding as there was some breach in certain spots. The storm surge was much worse farther north as I’m sure you remember.

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